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International Renewable Energy Institute: Laboratory & Demonstration Unit for Africa

International Renewable Energy Institute: Laboratory & Demonstration Unit for Africa © November 2007 Copyright asserted to be property of John M Riggs.

“I John M Riggs hereby found the on this day 2nd December 2007 the International Renewable Energy Institute Laboratory Unit and Demonstration site for Africa. The purposes there of are numerous however primarily to enable mankind to live in harmony with nature and spirit. We enable Energy Efficiency in our lifestyles and dedicate ourselves to service to mankind and earth of which we are part.”

John M Riggs is the proprietor of Doctor Green horticulture and landscaping CC., as well as he is at the same time the founder of the Johns Steytler village a permaculture demonstration units, some of the activities of which are conducted by Riggs Brothers Dion C Riggs and John M Riggs.

The purpose of the IREI and LDUFA is involvement in:

· Energy Efficiency Research and Education with emphasis on design and planning of dwellings, towns & associated infrastructure reticulation.

· Carbon Foot Print and Clean Development Mechanism initiatives.

· Facilitation and contributions to “think tanks “ &others with objective to provide inputs for creation of financial instruments and technological innovations in regards to Climate Change mitigation methodologies especially in developing economies

· Emissions Reductions with view to emission eliminations in all sectors of energy utilization

· Environmental Savings & Energy Efficiency devices, facilitation of manufacturing, development and beneficiation at local industrial level.

· Sustainable Utilization at regional level (Africa), National and Domestic residential level of energy use.

· Strategic Environmental Assessment processing in regards to all energy matters known to us in our sub region.

· Transport, Freight Efficiency and Mineral & Fuel security.

· Ongoing monitoring & co-operation with likeminded NGO’s & Commerce.

· Integration of AU,NEPAD,SADC,ECOWAS,MONUC,EACM, ACP et al ,consultations for Energy & Water reticulation of infrastructure services this would include the related Telecommunications and Information Technology transmission networks

· Facilitate and develop practical demonstration and sustainable permaculture villages

© November 2007 Copyright asserted to be property of John M Riggs

Practical demonstration facilities:

· Solar Heated Residential and Domestic Hot Water

· Solar Space Heat: passive and active solar retrofits

· Wood heat

· Passive cooling & permaculture as architecture of residences

· Solar Electricity & solar living

· Wind Generated Electricity

· Electricity from Micro Hydro sources

· EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Fuels cells , methane, biodiesel hydrogen

© November 2007 Copyright asserted to be property of John M Riggs

The background history leading to the development of the unit

This laboratory comes in response to the South African Government affiliated monopoly ad electricity supplier namely ESKOM the Electricity Supply Commission in South Africa and the Environmental Impact Assessment numbered conducted by (Agriculture, Community Environmental and Rural Development Consultants) or ACER Africa (PTY) Limited trading as ACER (Agriculture, Community Environmental and Rural Development Consultants) a subsidiary of MBB Services International.

The words below are the reply offered by John M Riggs in response to the proposed 756 kVA electricity supply transmission lines which were proposed to be traversing a section of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa in vicinity of Port Elizabeth the primary function was to supply sufficient power to Coega and the Rio Tinto-ALCAN aluminum smelter planned for the Port Ngqura in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Quote of Mr Riggs’ correspondence:

“ESKOM EIA REPORT AND SPECIALIST STUDIES COMMENT IN TO: Gamma Grassridge Public Participation Process. EIA 12 .12 20 801

Valley Bush Veld Affected Parties Conservation group and other parties example of which would be the Federation For Sustainable Development( in Africa) of which I am one of the primary instigators and supporters of the Founders to effect the development of the Special Purpose NGO/NPO & CBO , and tax efficient vehicle for Research Development and Education, namely International Renewable Energy Laboratory and Resource Centre”(©2007 John M Riggs ) and its practical application by methods of Open Air Laboratory Practical Study & Demonstration Unit”

Additional information

In the 2002 Mr Riggs entered into correspondence with the local communities, ESKOM DME and DWAF to facilitate carbon reduction projects and inter catchment water transfer projects with purposes of pumped storage hydro electricity generation and irrigation as a addition to rural development and food security land reform and community development with objective of wealth creation and sustainable livelihoods or in economic terms support of the reserve margins.

His original submission suggested alternative and renewable energy and movement away from dependency on uranium and coal as feedstock supplies which if had infrastructure of power stations and a network and reticulation system had existed would of resulted in ESKOM in Africa selling its power to the markets of India and China where we as South Africa already are likely to be selling our resources. It a seems likely to be logical to sell the electricity and employ large numbers of our population, (of which approximately 40 % are unemployed and receiving the ALLPAY state allowance and living subsidy , to effect the installation of the infrastructures so as to add value as opposed to sell the raw materials without beneficiations.

ESKOM response was not direct after various prominent persons were approached no correspondence was offered by them nor receipt of letter acknowledged with the exception of a retiring professional from DME.

Aforesaid gentleman, from the impression of Mr. Riggs, was in all likelihood being forced out with incentives of early retirement due to his European decent and possible affiliations t the previous government which is alleged to have been a racist regime.

Regardless of the reasons Mr. Riggs awaited a reply which he never received, while he, in his culture and manner it is considered common courtesy to reply or acknowledge receipt of correspondence within I 7 and at a maximum 14 working days.

A later observation of Mr. Riggs was the Scoping Phase for the powerline which precedes the EIA.

Mr. Riggs, having examined the application papers published as law requires it on ESKOM website and otherwise acquired , discovered this to be a fraudulent application process, details can be afforded public knowledge after the pending criminal prosecution of the responsible persons which may include the previous CEO of ESKOM at the time.

In the Draft Environmental Impact Report and Specialist Studies Public Review and Comment, (offered by ACER Africa) process Mr. Riggs discovered that land belonging to his relatives and friends was now indicated as under scrutiny and option of being expropriated by the State organs for purposes of the Transmission lines with about any considerations of what the community had already offered in terms of provision of their workmanship and other provisions and permission in principle to establish renewable energy options.

The aforesaid lands are of heritage value and holds personal value in that it houses graves and other history close to their hearts including cultural historico- practices, faith based and agrarian lifestyles.

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Important resources:

Learn to offset your Carbon Emissions at

Adjust our household energy consumption in your habitat

Living off gas is a consideration:

Butane or methane gas can reduce or eliminate your dependence on coal fired power stations and these related powered devices, try these options.

· Gas/electric fridges

· Gas geyser with battery ignition

· Gas cookers & stoves

· Butane cartridges & mobile /small stoves

· Gas lighting (especially outdoors, with not wiring reticulations and for emergencies)

Other information in regards to eh sensations attributed to the ENERGY CRISIS IN SOUTH AFRICA. Pierre De Vos in Facebook

Energy Options:






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© January 2008 Copyright asserted to be property of John M Riggs t/a

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© January 2008 Copyright asserted to be property of John M Riggs t/a

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Groot KodoeBulletjie said...

John Riggs riggsassociates @ wrote:

Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 12:35:00 -0800 (PST)
From: John Riggs

John M Riggs
P.O. Box 958,
Greenpoint, 8051
Cape Town, South Africa
Fax: +27 (0)86 654 7818
Alternative fax: +27(0)21 434 4209
Telephone: +27 (0)76 903 1095
2nd December 2007

ACER at email:

Honorable ones & others!

ESKOM EIA REPORT AND SPECIALIST STUDES COMMENT IN TO: Gamma Grassridge Public Participation Process. EIA 12 .12 20 801
I observe your EIA Report and it’ s contents. Extremely well done!

Allow me the liberty to address you as if the Devils Advocates
I asset however you have not considered everything and have been biased towards why the cable transmission line routing must go this way and not why it should not be installed , furthermore you have not adhered to World Economic Forums Millennium Development Goals of Social Responsibility and neither have you considered principles of Free Market Foundation.
People have said this about land in the years behind us:
· “The land is our culture. If we were to loose this land, there would be no culture, no soul” - Kuna Elder, Panama
· "Come forth into the light of things. Let Nature be your teacher." - The Tables Turned (1798) William Wordsworth"
You are commended for a fairly accurate assessment, which holds great value, however incomplete I may find it and which I believe is biased and may exclude important very valuable information.
Find my admissions & additions of items of what I believe are omitted by yourselves:
· COEGA seems not to have reached its “promise” yet, is it accurate to stipulate it as an industrial and mineral beneficiation facility only site? Do yu know the anticipated cost in terms of carbon emission utilizing different methods available of electricity supply and what ALCAN Smelter will consume, if the purpose of supply of electricity, via these cable routes ,is thus it seems absolute nonsense that participation is sought from public processes without availing accurate information the public. Not so?
· I challenge the DTI to consider making COEGA a free trade port and economic development zone tax free or low tax incentives zone which it seeming currently has not done yet, nor seemingly has achieved real growth there yet, while massive expenditure has been implemented.
· DTI in collaboration with CSIR, National Economic Development and Labour Council research indicates SA Environmental Industry growth rate is 10% and has been 15% per annum amounting to ZAR 6 Million spent by local industry and ZAR 2,4 Billion in year 2000 already by 2004, ZAR 14 Billion was industry spending and ZAR 23 Billion was spent by Government (Source: Marba Visagie DTI at SA Environmental Goods & Services Forum)
· World Growth projections in these “green & environmental”, sectors was indicated at US$ 688 Billion by 2010 and by 2015 a staggering US$ 800, South Africa is placed in this confine as a developing country and economy in transition and can anticipate a rate of 8 to 12% growth. Energy Efficiency and Power Generation sectors stand to gain significantly from Clean Development mechanism and underused donor funding available for African Governments created for environmental projects dedicated to sustainable development.
· In addition would Coega and environs not be more suited to packaging and processing facilities for aquaculture industries, these industries are underpinned by conservation and manipulation environment, easing harvesting procedures and lessening impact on natural supplies, thus, in one interpretation, are more ethical and sustainable?
· “Fragmented decision making” of the ESKOM directed and delegated and appointed Environmental Consultants and their individualized processing of various aspects of this EIA and COEGA developments, which includes a Smelter and subsequently a large smoke stake which may well be spewing out various heavy metal pollutants as does the, also proposed, PPC, Portland Cement Furnace, known to often be used to burn spent & non recoverable rubber tyres as a method of disposing them, also located at Coega(adjacent to a largely ill informed yet in great need of jobs Motherwell Township), which will be supplied by this 765 KVA Electrification Transmission line, excludes the indication from this report making a sound judgment unobtainable without verification of air pollution data.
· The EAI seems little less than a ”steamrolling –pubic- into- submission“ process, furthermore to “fool“ the public that they were involved, nowhere, in the entire process do I see the list of names of the poor people who are also affected by the proposal and who are not land owners and who may well benefit from electricity while they are living in rural areas and who would be better served by have been included in someway. What I have observed is the list of land owners and other mostly institutionalized interested and affected parties.
· The afore and previously mentioned pollutants will affect the immediate surroundings and cause “poisoning of the soils and harvested agricultural commodities” which are already large scale FOREX and job creators thus endangering the likelihoods of persons resident in the vicinity, in a World where International consumer markets have large trends, in some cases 30% annual growth, towards “Organic” and pesticide or poison free food and vegetarianism”.
· Tourism Industry has value of ZAR 60 Billions(Source: World Tourism Council further echoed within Media including propaganda machine of SABC ,by Dr Iraj Abedian, incidentally , who is one of core Economic Advisers to President Mbeki)at the same time Eastern Cape is the second poorest province and has little industry and mining as its economic basis. Coega still appears to be non viable and is also under observation as being a white elephant where ALCAN is not, furthermore recently been sold, to yet another monopoly (practically for all intents and purposes) Rio Tinto which recently bought ALCAN.
· Neither at the same time is Coega Carbon Neutral due to high electricity input required requiring a further high input of long copper and plastic and steel foundry work type pylons, glass foundry made isolators, and cable transmission routes form Secunda Coal fired power stations.
· Safari hunting type eco tourism in Eastern Cape is source of a further ZAR 100 Million rand of inputs some of which are in foreign sources as income, verifiable by sources like Nelson Mandela University Terrestrial Research and Conservation Agriculture unit and East Cape International Game Outfitters Association, clearly indicates an one off(in my rationale at least) investment of ZAR 100 or even 200 Million into Eastern Cape Game and Ecotourism industry seated in Uitenhage /Sterytlerville /Jansenville i.e., Cacadu districts adjacent to Baviaanskloof and Nelson Madela Metro all within 2 hours drive form PE Airport ) would be a very worthwhile investment as it is conservatively recoverable in less than a decade or two and could create 1000 of jobs more sustainable than can a Aluminum process plant with currently unmitigated pollution (Problems in this regards at ALUSAF & MOZAL are abundant and prevail) .
· Tourism as an industry with ZAR 60 Billion and a growth rate of 43% last financial year shows the greatest growth of any and is currently the biggest industry in South Africa and should be encouraged, at the same time if 3 .5 million visitors are expected to reach Cape Town this festive /holiday season one should consider how to have some of them also give the Eastern Cape a visit ,Port Elizabeth is a tourist destination and the road R75 is one f eh exit routes from Port Elizabeth to the Hinterland and also an access route, of tow primary direct road routes from Gauteng. Wolvenfontein is next on the road from Jansenville connecting to the N1 via road over Graaf Reinet from Colesberg and N1. No accommodation is of particular noteworthiness or high concentration/density is available after one has left Graaf Reinet, in it’s self a heritage based tourism destination. This home to a number of small establishments on the road between Colesberg and Port Elizabeth makes a bit of financial sense to establish in order to capitalize on the aesthetics and spaciousness of the Karoo along this access route.
· The statement, in your EIA, that underground cable routes are too costly is ridiculously incorrect, very self serving and preferential and biased to ESKOM only in regards to costing and duration to deliver routes of Coega in order to satisfy apparent ALCAN/ Rio Tinto’s demand, and is furthermore not supported by any documentation where existing methods are compared to underground routes and if indeed underground routes area “futuristic ‘ option why is this not accurately investigated and put to tender for such purposes?
· Haaspoort Corridor from over which it appears Farm Haaspoort 96 and Haaspoort 92 are included, is a crooked “poort” and has riverine sandy soils and adjacent area is home to Cape Riverine Rabbit an endangered species on the Red data list. It makes very little sense to consider this area unless it is the site of a collection or colony “noiseless and bird safe” Wind turbines (they do exist and the design patent belongs to a British firm)and is where the design does not due to noise generated by the turbines influence natural migratory routes and or access corridors to warmer mountain hideaways of the kudu populations which utilize these areas as winter browsing and coverage from cold during excessive rainy weather(Such pathways are viewed clearly with GIS software incidental to your study are also excluded use GIMS as a supplier of the software and that offered by National Dept of Agriculture )
· Sandy soils as found in the river bed that is at the foot of the poort as its base and origin from the erosion of adjacent quartzitic sandstone dykes, are not conducive to erection of large tower bass of concrete as the size there of is also irregularly high in terms of concrete expenditure as are mostly present in the narrow poor river bed and slopes are too steep. This obviates burial of transmission cable routes if placed through this line of route demarcation.
· The “poort”, if used as a water staging and storing area has due the geo hydrology,alignment of and basic geology of dykes of sedimentary rock has potential to cause infiltration of clean water into presently saline or highly “brack” aquifers this has potential economic benefit to was out salinity and or dilute it so the area is more accessible to large or small scale pastoral farming and abundantly more suited to large eco tourism and Big 5 type game industry be it purely hunting or safaris photographic viewing etc .Some scientist who may still or formerly worked at SRK in Port Elizabeth will indicate their views and have done so already in regards to Phillips Carbon Black and Deal Party Sewerage works plants at Swartkops River mouth with it 1500 meter deep borehole ant the “old hot springs”, can support this theorem.
· Cosckcomb Mountain Peak to the South, a peak that can be marketed as a venue similar to Table Mountain if circumspectly and business minded cum’ conservation minded individuals judiciously approached the development of said opportunity.
· Areas surrounding Haaspoort are indicative as being a biological hot spot area due to immense scenic beauty and very valuable intrinsic and otherwise measured due to occurrence of transition area of vegetation types and biomes as described by the openly accepted by SANBI and National Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism ,as an authorative source of vegetation typography, vegetation classifications and taxonomic descriptions.(Notes 1 Bibliographic references )
· The specific vegetation immediately on Haaspoort 96 are :
1. Vegetation At 3 Groot thicket
2. At 4 Gamtoos thicket
3. Skv 12 Willomore gwarrrieveld
4. Skv 14 Steytlerville karoo
5. Azi6 Southern karoo riverine
6. Ffq 5 Groot river quartizite fynbos
7. Ff q6 Remnants of Suurberg fynbos
Page 763 of Vegetation MAP(Notes 1 Bibliographic references )
· This is Avery remarkable and marketable botanical tourism business which I am developing within my own time and capabilities unaided by anyone except the market and availability of my own time . Indeed the proposed water transferee scheme also through the same “poort” would enhance eco-tourism potential and have little impact on the biological diversity and conservation aspects of the implementation if “go ahead “ is acquired.
· At the same time others at Blaaubosch Private Game Reserve and Haaspoort Bush camp are capitalizing on the same or similar intrinsic natural beauty of the surroundings and the private game reserve already established there.
· It seems very irresponsible and ill conceived of ESKOM to even consider and have included in a EIA proposal, let alone aim to effect cable overhead transmission lines through this area.
· Indeed the original Haaspoort has its name taken from Riverine rabbits and “pond haas” literally “pound sterling hare /rabbit”, documentations supports this descriptive of conditions of payment by government of the Cape Colony and are found in Grahamstown’s Kafferaria Museum, understood to now e known as the Amathole Museum ,of which authenticated copies are available from various sources.
· The entire vicinity including Springbokvlaktes and Steenokvlaktes should indeed be incorporates maximize potential of eh Shy 5 which still occur naturally here as a eco-tourism spatial conservation unit
· The current owner of Haaspoort and his descendants have indicated to me he is definitely not willing to sell, rather to conserve and utilize the property his own livelihood and the heritage, spiritual home and “homeland” and graves included of his own ancestry and inheritance of his relative and descendants , the property and his has his own plans to develop it further fro conservation purposes with possibility of bequest or limited access to the nation if certain criteria are met in consultation with his family and relatives and if accurate management principles are to be implemented when he is desirous of these. Thus assume he is certainly not the only land owner who will defiantly oppose any suggested purchases or I the worst case scenario expropriation of land which are contra to current Constitution and have in some cases been tried in court already .
· The only land claim hereupon is indeed by the heritage beneficiaries of the land itself and unfortunately or perhaps fortunately not described as beneficiaries making it s very interesting case for the beaurocratic proponents of land restitution(and much more importantly economic and sustainable including conservation uses thereof) ideologies and proposed utilization of if this goes the wrong way in a court it would certainly be much egg on the ruling parties face about the accuracy in application of its policies and the fundamental underlying principles of equity and reconciliation in this country.
· The assertions about “radioactivity” and such like are inaccurate and incorrect, kindly consult librarians at NECSA and former the AEC and get accurate information it is available.(With proper payment I can deliever a blogspot to upload this for public reading and easy file sharing access that will be available 24 hours via ADSL or similar download linkage
· John M Riggs aka Doctor Green©, is furthermore, a proponent of a inter catchment water transfer scheme(from Sundays River Catchment the mechanics of which are driven by low external input pumps, self driving pumps and low energy consumptive devices which may include wind turbines or hydro-turbines a technology skill and manufacturing sector which is in scare supply in South Africa obviating the need to facilitate it ),of which Haaspoort would form a part , to irrigate certain but not all lands suitable to cultivation in the Grootrivier Basin of with mission to create a permaculture, crops of olives, vineyard and other suitable low external input arboreal and horticulture and conservation agricultural practices and “organic agriculture area” which is organophosphates pesticide free and is in line with proposals indicative of the “drying” of the Western Capes vineyard and deciduous fruit growing areas as a result of shortages of arable lands and crop production to ensue food security and mitigation and preparedness for climate change. Such proposals in principle, include Mount Stewart, Baroe, Springbokvlakte, Steenbokvlakte, Gamtoes, Cockscomb, Glen Connor, Kariega & Steytlerville areas(anything below 500 m above sea level iso contours ) and would firstly hedge the area in terms of potential economic losses from “climatic disasters” in the Western Cape and create massive capital inflow of easily in a conservative assessment of R100 Million into the area under discussion. The prime benefits thus are both of/or either of flood or drought mitigation in consideration of the economic prospect s of judicious development in pretexts of proper consideration of food security trends, climate change ,energy efficiency and bio-fuels requirements and South African (Eastern Cape this in relation to local food security in balance or at minimum co-ordination with conservation orientated eco tourism )
· The entire area, namely the Valley Bushveld and surrounding transition areas towards grassveld and karooid habitats, in addition, is suited to private game reserves expansion in the BIG 5 eco-tourism industry in collaboration with and incorporation of remaining others in Algoa Bay/BAYWORLD/Aquaria & Museums et al, to further and develop formulate the BIG 7 at the same time an entire industry can be developed form the not yet exploited “bush pig meat” industry.
· “Permaculture” excluded need for and any “futuristically minded “ design phases would have to exclude over head cable routes in principle as firstly being aesthetically unsightly but secondly more important being contra indicative of and to the “total over riding principals and ethics” of the entire spatial development initiative over all conservation objectives within the inclusion of ecotourism objectives.
· Furthermore hereto pertaining to “Permaculture”: Chinese farms are on average China’s climate is very similar to South Africa’s average China farm is 0.2 to 0.3 hectares and this is while in RSA the average size is 45 hectares still we achieve 1 percent of the population feed 99% and if RSA policy makers an populace in general use their “proverbial nuts” we would be educating and trading towards food security not disposing people of livelihoods, obstructing them or generally harassing them like as is the case involving police and farmers in Limpopo nor threatening expropriation by means of “in the public interest” when (Source: Tru –Cape Pty Ltd)This seems a bit indicative of the efficiency of our own systems, methods and implementations strategies sometimes driven by Government (little wonder Tozi Gwanya has resigned we await Glen Thomas to do similar and go farming on a productive piece of land, similarly we await Lulu Xinngwana, to do the same so she can have some “first hand” experiences of the real hardships which prevail regardless of a person’s race!).
· At a time where China’s economy is bursting out of its seams it would be prudent for us to stop being vindictive racist as a nation and forget our racist intolerances, take racism out of our agricultural economic thinking & structuring, and indeed put shoulder to the wheel and pass the drift of Botha’s Rubicon over to the promised land and “dam well” grow excess that we can in fact export to China which is increasing ly becoming an importer.

Currently SABC TV media, public opinion and COSATU’s Zwelinzima Vavi and others are also dealing with you client ESKOM in the regards of the monstrous ESKOM parastatal monopoly that is a financial burden iro backlog of infrastructure to the Republic.
This burden when it seems obvious that a solution is to have an open competitive market in both supply & distribution and be ethically competitive at the same time and where anyone can buy any electricity from anyone and anyone can sell any electricity without restriction (barring only excessive pollution generated electricity processes)!
Why do the consumers and populace have to buy form one supplier only, whether be it a distributor or main supplier.
After ENRON, similar scandals & likewise, invasion of Iraq we have clear indication that the types of hedgmony like “Chancellor House with- finger- in- the- pie of Eskoms award of tenders to Medupi Power Station Construction”, have no future, the insolence of those making the decisions on basis of greed and similar motives while professing to do so in the interests of a Nation.
In the light of seriousness hereof(and regardless of KPMG or Pricewaterhouse Coopers having sanctioned the audits hereof as all and “above board”) and the fact that we have a seemingly “non negotiable approach” to the perceived by some as “racist” (in reverse application of policies of previous governments),the current employment and contract award policies(which exclude “my ,Constitutional, rights of association” to choose who and where it is prescribed I must have a partner, “with combination of all criteria like competency ,good credentials and who are of colour” I may not wish to have or find “economically non viable” to have). NAFU’s( National African Farmers Union) recent approach to the “racism “ in land reform echoes this sentiments about political agenda as opposed to serious economics grass routes basis driving the policies and implementations and developments. Message in the story is “even the electorate,( large majority of which is yet to find employment, but can read and can definitely spread rumors and can most definitely toyi –toyi), is not dumb” and cannot be steamrolled!
One leaves a little to the imagination to think of a “feeding frenzy” by vulture like those who are politically connected and utilizing networks that do not necessarily have the agendas of entire communities on hand, while having “voracious greed” only as an incentive. Such people would be well advised they are certainly under scrutiny & observation of persons unknown to them.
My recommendation:

Firstly apply SAPP(Sothern African Power Pool Principles) protocols of power line transmission route servitudes and ensure all relevant information is available ESKOM failed to do this on my request in writing iro lines, links and routes in Coega area PAIA Act prohibits them from withholding information and their PAIA officer in charge is aware of my views and possible prosecution of ESKOM.
Secondly alignment with & with in 200 meter of existing routes should be considered where either route is all relocated to be buried underground and I still remain firm on this point if Irish, North Sea and Scandinavian Wind Turbines and land based coastal turbines in the same area have no visible calbes why can the same technology not be applied in RSA.
Furthermore: On more than two occasions have I required accurate and exact information from the ESKOM and DME and am yet to be satisfied having only been appeased by courteous officials making yet more promises of delivery of information that never arrives here. May this information please be published since the links on websites are “dead”, one assumes it is already in the public domain. This query in regards and relation to servitudes and ownership, management, transparency of contract awards of servitude ranges etc.
The Principle of staying within a minimum of 80m or twice this in a meter distance of 160 meters from existing routes should be adhered and in extreme cases should be mitigated to be as close as possible to be within those routes.
The inclusion of a considerations in regards to expropriation of land for “public purposes” is a fallacy,(such fallacy used by the few simple minded politicians and inconsiderate bombastic officials with no scruples and who poses no courteousy, to intimidate and otherwise to “look good and window dress for ill informed illiterate voters who have an ideological vindictive inclination and slant towards the wealth accumulated by certain and of which are not only Europeans and the “uMlungus” in some cases in this, land, and who are incidentally also citizens, who will in fact die for Africa before showing any allegiance to Europe at all), that will be contested in the highest court of this land including by South Africans with dual nationalities by birth or marriage or both and you as a ESKOM can in no way circumvent that at all the people who I give consideration to can also not be bought.
ESKOM is, for example, unable to measure or mitigate my loss of income, nor measure a person’s sense of person, character or self, due to its proposal to buy out my or anyone else livelihood by purchasing a farm from me, consequently it will do better to reconsider such illogical indications. Some people simply cannot be bought!
The farms ,while private property, surrounding Wolvefontein and the area between Cockscomb and Grootpoort (indeed the riverine basin/catchment originates north of Steytlerville) towards Uitenhage , are out of bounds to you as a company(unless in your arrogance and own self proclaimed expertise deem persons based in Natal or elsewhere with authority to determine the outcomes of where possession of private local individuals are concerned, or authority over said individuals and their communities, to have better knowledge or firsthand information and ability to do better than those with local on ground knowledge.
According to my irrigation, civil engineering ,construction, landscaping and horticultural technical expertise and subsequent observations as optional solutions, you put out to tender and pay adequately for consultants to develop erosion and conservation agriculture methods, and to facilitate or participate in designs and installation as well as ongoing maintenance of the servitudes which can only be situated underground and at the same time invest into a co –operative agreement with the Valley Bush Veld Affected Parties Conservation group and other parties example of which would be the Federation For Sustainable Development of which I am one of the Founders to effect the development of the Special Purpose Ngo, and tax efficient vehicle for Research Development and Education, namely “International Renewable Energy Laboratory and Resource Centre”(©2007 John M Riggs ) and Open Air Laboratory Practical Study & Demonstration Unit situated in the vicinity of Baroe ,Wolwenfontein, Haaspoort or Kleinpoort ) and while these properties are not offered on the market either as items “for sale”.
Furthermore our collective history is referred to here, these areas we never in possession of Xhosa people either, but instead were only frequented by hunter gatherers and long since disappeared Khoisan, lineage, and later became in possession own my mostly European ancestry, as they were granted by the early colonial systems as the “Burghers” set forth from the Cape Colony and in early times. This history, and in spirit with our collective memory, is much like the rest of Africa where Kings of Europe and their sponsored entourages either annihilated or reached agreement with Kings of Africa, about the often necessary sharing of resources ,not much has changed.
Hence, for arguments sake, my ongoing antagonism and application of this blatant insult to population at large‘s, intelligence and towards entrenched racism and reverse racism in policies applied by political elite and its leadership, inaccurately using this ploy to gain votes and as a vote buying mechanism. Who is to say that one’s family is pure or not pure(be it white, black pure ethnic Xhosa or more specifically AmaThemu or of the Bolubedu or of Modjadji) and who is to say no genetic kickback would result from me breeding with my own 2 nd or 3 rd removed generation cousins where a sporadically “extra“ white or “extra” more pigmented offspring would result. Hence in my mind, yet another indictment, to our newly entrenched form of segregation and exclusion akin to apartheid, and where common sense does not prevail but political inexpediency, where we oppose what the Constitution talks of, while It itself has the root in the Bill of Rights and Freedom Charter as basis we cannot be biased and “count with a mentality” like the George Orwellian “some-are-more-equal-than-others” mentality.
Clear, as day, in fact, while Xhosa & British frontier is 100’s (hundreds) kilometers away in Fish and Kei river areas and was immediately after 1820 and at height of it in 1830’s hence later the establishment of Fort Hare and other places which if you know your stuff further down the line of time brought forth the very leadership of more than half of Southern Africa’s recent top political leaders.
In the early 1800’s where already on the land in this vicinity and with title to some families who, in some cases still hold title to these properties which continue to hold cultural historical and heritage value .
This area, and specific parts thereof, buildings ,homes, graves ,places, of spiritual significance, is my heritage and besides being a conservation and ecotourism destination it has value in bio diversity and hunting tourism suitable for conservation and management till posterity, is furthermore part of my livelihood. Anyone hoping to or with plan of disposing me ,or compatriots I may appear and or could indeed be affiliated to , of it will justifiably bear consequences and may well not bear the expense thereof.(Note*:Values indicated above refer to World Tourism Council)
To conclude:
Hopefully now, having created more opportunity and the space for critical analysis and independent thinking this is my submission.
Either, you, act in my best interests, as well, after you have show you are actually likely to do so and indeed can be trusted to do so and take my recommendations seriously to heart, or deal with the consequences not yet indicated.
In regards to that, kindly note, I have here correspondence dated 2004 and 2005 between myself and Dr’s Campbell and Compton and others at DME‘s Hydro-carbons including the former lady, the Minister, SANBI., iro resources conservation the threat of injudicious use of the areas as an overhead cable transmission line servitude route as well as the shortage of proper compliance with ISO standards or similar it is possibly and source of an embarrassment and indictment to the ruling party.
While I ,in addition, as a 40 year old South African of predominantly European ancestry am, unless with a person of which is with vast quantities of Melanin in their skin pigmentation scheme and the correct surname or prefixes to surname or correct ancestral linage ,in my rank and file as co–owner of a shared company ,am “unemployable” by the State due to my race you are advised that I have not been paid form my expertise, proportionately related to and due to the racist employment policy, which is a very contradiction in terms of the Freedom Charter and the Constitution of South Africa.
Furthermore my lack of finding suitably qualified South Africans, some of my selection criteria being with the correct and likeable personality demure, person/s who I would accommodate in my companies whether or not they were suited to OCGT Open Cycle Steam/Gas Turbine development or Nuclear Power stations also refers.
One can only call upon the leadership, political elite and counsel thereto of this country to act honesty and with integrity as only a few, of them, seem willing or ethically able(given the political obligations and vote buying schemes which so far history has also shown have not yet benefited or stopped conflict in Africa yet) to do.
Finally know that ESKOM and related EDI holdings cannot and will not, nor should be upheld as a monopoly of Power Supply and Distribution in Southern Africa and every consumer should have more than one choice of where to purchase electricity and distribution thereof from.
A consideration would be that transmission lines and routes could also be privatized and separately owned as well as separately rented out at meter pint rates related to current supplied and users should at the same time be able to sell their own off peak or peak production of or over production of, or waste to electricity suppliers or supply transmission routes?
So to advise you more accurately it has been aforesaid.
The continual “‘pro bono” work for ACER, MBB and ESKOM deserves payment at some stage.
Furthermore “Letsema” at large for the community is deemed my contribution to participatory governance of this great land and my understanding and interpretations of Ubuntu’.

As always I reserve all my rights.

Sincerely yours

John M Riggs
(“Court jester” and Corporate” Sangoma” aka “Doctor Green”©1997)

Bibliographical References:
1. Mucina L & Rutherford Michael .C 2006 “The Vegetation of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland” Strelitzia 19 SANBI Pretoria
Notes: All copy rights asserted, claimed and owned solely by John M Riggs, misuse in appropriate or utilization without permission of the owner can lead to prosecution under South African or International Law.

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John Riggs(M.Inst.D),
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Interesting ECOTOURISM RELATED stuff that enables the TOURIST:,,,,,, , ,,, ,,www.cultureddiamondfoundation.c
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John Riggs(M.Inst.D),
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